About Tom Rompel

Tom Rompel is a business strategist and has been working with multiple small businesses. He helps small business owners improve their business in areas that they might have overlooked. Tom Rompel does not only help small businesses to survive but also help them thrive. Tom owns a company named Growth Strategies, LLC, specializing in business consultation.

He studied Speech and Communication at the University of Arizona, and he is also a licensed affiliate at Transformational Technologies. Inc. He also worked at Paradigm Strategies, Inc. for more than 6 years as CEO. Currently, he is CEO at Growth Strategies, LLC for over 9 years and helping small business owners realize their dreams.

Tom Rompel is Amazon’s best-selling author; he has written a book named ‘Citizen Warrior – The 4th Branch’. It is an action thriller inspired by true life events.

His skills include writing, business coaching, making strategies for small businesses, team building, and public relations. He has around 34 years of work experience in business consultancy.

Since 1986 Tom Rompel have brought the skills of business management coaching into his client relationships along with his commitment to their success. His clients over the years have consistently produced a stunning record of success in a remarkably short period of time.

Tom Rompel

Small Business Coach and Author